• Why Windshield Crack Repair is Important in the Winter Months, Even With Tinted Windows

    If a rock flies up and leaves a small chip or crack in your windshield, you likely know that it needs to be repaired. However, you may find yourself putting it off. You may think that the crack or chip is small, and you have time or you will wait until it is more convenient to fill it. And unfortunately, if you have window tinting, you may think that you are protected from many of these negative things thanks to the added protection of the film. [Read More]

  • Bought A Car? Two Reasons Why You Should Get Custom Tires

    Whether you've bought a brand new car or one that is gently used, it can be incredibly exciting to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that you've recently purchased.  You get the opportunity to get acclimated to the way that the automobile drives, as well as possibly having the chance to enjoy some new features that can enhance your driving experience.  While you may think the car is perfectly fine as it is, there is another way to make it even better:  Getting custom tires. [Read More]