Fixing Up An Old Car? Here's How To Save Money On Parts

Posted on: 20 October 2014

Whether you are doing it for a hobby or out of necessity, you have probably found that fixing up an old car can get pretty expensive. No matter what might be wrong with the car in question, however, there are a few ways that you can cut costs while buying the parts that you need. Just remember these tips, and you can save more money than you probably think when fixing your vehicle.

Try the Junk Yard

Many people are surprised by the many parts that are available at many junk yards, and you might find that your local junk yard has all of the used parts that you need. The prices are typically very low, and you can often get rock-bottom prices if you are willing to take the parts off yourself. Although this will obviously take a bit more skill and work on your part, it can definitely help you save money. Also consider looking for used parts online at sites like

Shop the Classified Ads

A lot of people sell their used auto body parts and other vehicle parts in local classified listings, so be sure to check them daily. Along with looking in your newspaper, you can also check out any local online classified pages. There might be someone out there who is looking to get rid of the exact parts that you need, and many people are willing to strike up a good deal if you have the cash in hand.

Consider Buying an Entire Car

You probably haven't thought about it, but buying a broke-down vehicle of the same make and model as your own can be a good way to save on used auto body parts and other parts. Keep an eye out in the local classifieds for people who are selling non-running vehicles for low prices. You might be able to get all of the parts that you need off of one of these cars, and you can then sell the rest of it to a junk yard to get some of your money back.

Use Aftermarket Parts

Don't assume that all of your vehicle's parts need to come from the dealership. Instead, ask your local auto parts store about cheaper aftermarket parts that might be available, or look for them online. These parts are held to the same manufacturing standards as any other part, so you shouldn't have to worry about quality.

Buying parts for a broken-down vehicle can certainly get expensive, but you shouldn't worry. Instead, follow these simple tips to help stay within your budget while getting your vehicle back onto the road again.