• Remove Dry Mud And Surface Rust From Metal Running Boards And Apply Primer And Paint

    Remove dry mud and surface rust from the metal running boards that are secured to each side of your truck by completing the steps below. A fresh coat of rust inhibiting primer and paint that is applied to the metal will further improve the appearance of your truck's appearance and will protect the boards from being susceptible to corrosion. Materials wire brush large pieces of plastic sheeting scissors water hose sponge automotive detergent bucket rust dissolving gel paintbrush power sander sandpaper tack cloth automotive tape exterior spray primer (designed for use on metal) exterior spray paint (designed for use on metal) clear compound buffing sponge Eliminate Mud And Sand The Running Boards [Read More]

  • What To Look For In An Adult Driving School

    Learning to drive as an adult can be a daunting experience. You want to make sure you know how to watch out for other drivers on the road as well as have control and confidence behind the wheel. You can learn how to drive by having an experienced motorist show you how to operate a vehicle, but in order to really learn the skills of the road a professional driving school is likely to be your best option. [Read More]

  • Managing Your Business Parking Lot

    Hopefully, you have a lot of traffic coming in and out of your business parking lot, and you hope that it all comes from your businesses' customers. However, sometimes, you may find you have others occupying your asphalt who are not patronizing your store. There are many ways to weed out trespassers and guests who use your parking lot in unintended ways; here are a few ideas to get you started: [Read More]

  • Why You Should Have Gasoline On Hand In Your Mechanic's Shop

    Are you an auto repair professional who works in a mechanic's shop? If so, you should consider taking a look around your shop to see if you have any gasoline stored for future use. If not, now might be the time to invest in a large, safe gas tank and to fill it up so that you always have gas on hand. Here's a few reasons why. Deal with Vehicles with Low Fuel Easily [Read More]

  • 3 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Handle On Your Own

    Some people are more comfortable around cars than others. If you don't consider yourself to be a car guy (or girl), your first instinct at any sign of trouble might be to take your vehicle to the local car repair shop. While there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of professional help, you might be able to save some cash if you were to learn how to handle some of the smaller, regular maintenance tasks that a car needs on your own. [Read More]

  • Should You Buy That Used Car?

    Used cars are usually a solid option for people who want to get around without paying the high sticker price that newer cars demand. However, in order to truly benefit from that cost savings, you must be sure that the car is not going to need a lot of repairs once you get the keys in your hand. For that reason, it's smart to pay close attention to certain things so you can get as much information as you can about the used car you're thinking about purchasing. [Read More]

  • 5 Things to Consider before Purchasing a Used Semi-Truck

    If you've been a commercial truck driver for a while and you're interested in becoming an owner-operator, one of the most important aspects of getting started is having a reliable semi-truck. Most new owner-operators have a tight budget, so choosing a used semi-truck over a new one makes sense financially. If you don't want to get stuck with a money-pit, it is important to be careful when purchasing a used truck. [Read More]

  • Three Tips for Making Sure a Used Car You Just Bought Lasts As Long As Possible

    It's understandable if you're a little suspicious about buying a used car because of all the unexpected maintenance issues that can develop. But as long as you're both careful and thorough, most of these maintenance problems can either be dealt with quite easily or headed off long before they become a problem. If you're unsure of what to do after you've bought a used car, start with these three tips to make your car last as long as possible. [Read More]

  • Tips For Saving Cash On Truck Parts

    Whether you truck needs a repair or you are looking to customize it, the parts necessary can add up in cost. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can save money without compromising quality. The following tips can help you find the best deal on the truck parts you want and need. Tip #1: Do Your Research This is especially true for custom parts, but necessary for every part you put into your truck. [Read More]

  • Why Rebuilding A Transmission Seem To Take A Long Time

    You have probably heard that the process of rebuilding a transmission is complicated, costly, and long. Many people are as concerned with the duration of the repair as they are with the cost. It's good to know how long the process takes so that you don't harangue your mechanic about "unnecessary delays." The duration depends on different factors and processes, such as these: Diagnosis Not every transmission problem has to be solved by rebuilding it. [Read More]