Managing Your Business Parking Lot

Posted on: 29 December 2016

Hopefully, you have a lot of traffic coming in and out of your business parking lot, and you hope that it all comes from your businesses' customers. However, sometimes, you may find you have others occupying your asphalt who are not patronizing your store. There are many ways to weed out trespassers and guests who use your parking lot in unintended ways; here are a few ideas to get you started:

Have Clear Borders and Signage

One potential cause of people parking in your spots without permission is that they aren't aware. Patrons from nearby buildings may park in your lot if it's unmarked, because they assume the parking is open to anyone. By placing clear signs on each spot with your business name, you can help to avoid any misunderstandings in this department.

Set a Time Limit

Setting a time limit is a way to guarantee that there is flow within your parking lot. Think about the time that an average customer spends at your business, and perhaps double it as a courtesy to your visitors.

Consider Access Control Systems

Access control systems serve several functions. First of all, it can help you get an accurate count of how many cars are in the lot at any time. You can use this information to see whether your parking is adequate and how often it overflows. You could also redirect visitors to another parking area when your car count is full. Finally, some businesses use access control systems to validate parking, which helps to guarantee that all cars in your lot are for paying customers, and that if they aren't (or they want to stay a long time), they are still paying a nominal fee to park in your lot.

Choose Your Towing Company, and Make it Known

Finally, your best parking lot watchdog will be a reputable local towing company. You can enlist them to help move cars that are violating the terms of your parking lot on a regular basis. This will keep many non-paying customers out of your parking spaces for fear of being towed.

Once you have chosen the best auto towing company for your business, make it known to your guests by placing signs with their name and number throughout your parking lot. This serves two purposes. First, it lets people know that you are serious about towing trespassers and have already enlisted a service to do so. It also gives people easy information about where their car went if they happen to get towed.

If you find you have other concerns or questions, contact a company like to learn more about ways to manage your business parking lot.