Why Rebuilding A Transmission Seem To Take A Long Time

Posted on: 20 October 2015

You have probably heard that the process of rebuilding a transmission is complicated, costly, and long. Many people are as concerned with the duration of the repair as they are with the cost. It's good to know how long the process takes so that you don't harangue your mechanic about "unnecessary delays." The duration depends on different factors and processes, such as these:


Not every transmission problem has to be solved by rebuilding it. For example, a difficulty in shifting may be caused by fluid problems, improper adjustment of shift cables, or a malfunction of the car's computer system; all these issues do not require a transmission rebuild.

Therefore, unless you (and the mechanic) are sure that rebuilding the transmission is the only solution, you will first give the mechanic time to diagnose the problem. The complexity of the problem determines how long the diagnosis takes.

Removing the Transmission

If the mechanic has decided that rebuilding the transmission is the best way forward, then he or she has to detach it completely from the car. This is another step that takes time since he or she has to take care not to damage anything else in the process.

Fixing the Transmission and Ordering Parts

The next step is to replace the damaged or worn out parts of the transmission. How long this takes depends on the complexity of the damaged part and the ease of locating the replacement. Don't forget that the mechanic also has to find the cause of the damage so that the same thing doesn't happen to the new transmission. Also, some cars, especially exotic or rare ones, may not have readily available parts, so you have to factor in the time needed to order the spares.

Human Factor

Just like any other repair part, your behavior may also affect the time needed for the transmission rebuild. For example, you may not be reachable when the mechanic needs to get your approval for an essential process or step of the repair. Taking too long to give the feedback may also lengthen the rebuilding period.

Reinstalling the Transmission

If everything goes well, then the mechanic just needs to reinstall the transmission once he or she is done rebuilding it. This also needs to be done carefully to preserve its integrity. If an error or two occurs, then the mechanic has to rectify it before you can pick up your car.

As you can see, the process is a bit complicated. In fact, it's amazing that most experienced mechanics just need a few days to complete it. Don't forget to give your mechanic your full cooperation to hasten the process. Contact a local mechanic, like DiNardo Foreign Motors, for more information.