Three Tips for Making Sure a Used Car You Just Bought Lasts As Long As Possible

Posted on: 13 October 2016

It's understandable if you're a little suspicious about buying a used car because of all the unexpected maintenance issues that can develop. But as long as you're both careful and thorough, most of these maintenance problems can either be dealt with quite easily or headed off long before they become a problem. If you're unsure of what to do after you've bought a used car, start with these three tips to make your car last as long as possible. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of used cars for sale, so you can shop around at used-car dealers such as Georgetown Auto Sales until you find a car you are comfortable buying.

Always Give Your Car Adequate Winter-Weather Protection

Ice and snow aren't just capable of ruining the sheen of your car's paint job. If too much snow gets in the cracks of the lid protecting your engine, it can cause all sorts of problems that will take much more than an oil change to fix.

If you don't have a garage or shed to stuff your car into during the winter, at least buy a tarp to put over it when you don't need to drive somewhere. When you put the tarp on the vehicle, always start at the front so you can ensure that every part of the engine's lid will be covered.

Don't Be Too Aggressive When the Car Won't Start at Your First Key Turn

You may be tempted to get frustrated and start turning the key back and forth erratically whenever your car's engine doesn't start up immediately. But because this is so hard on both the car's battery and the engine itself, stop yourself from getting frustrated whenever this scenario happens to you. Instead, just breathe for a few seconds and only try to start the car again after your mind has completely cleared and all noise coming from the engine has ceased.

If the engine still doesn't start, get out of the car and give the engine and battery component a good cleaning and dust-off. If the vehicle still fails to start after several more turns of your key, consider going to a mechanic.

Get the Vehicle's Tires Maintained and Replaced As Needed

If you want to head off any critical issues with your vehicle's brake system (a system that can be quite frustrating and expensive to repair), always ensure that your car tires are in tiptop shape. If you notice any shaking of the vehicle while you're driving on a completely smooth road, it's a sign that one of the tires is defective. Get that tire fixed or replaced as quickly as possible before the braking mechanism attached to it becomes more unstable than it already is.